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Civil litigation and appeals

Civil litigation, appeals, mediation and arbitration

After more than 30 years of legal experience for each of them, Bill Bryan and Jay Haar have seen it all. One of our favorite aspects of practicing law is standing up for our clients and arguing until we reach a resolution beneficial to them. We enjoy finding strategies and creative solutions to resolve problems, and if those resolutions do not provide the best results for a particular case, we appeal.

Fighting on appeal is an area of practice all on its own. Appeals courts have specific procedures and evidence must be evaluated in a new light. Our lawyers are experienced in handling civil appeals in courts throughout eastern South Carolina. If you feel you deserve a second chance in court, contact the law firm of Bryan & Haar to schedule your initial consultation where we evaluate your case and explain your options.

Mediation and arbitration

Most civil cases — and all civil cases in Georgetown County — begin in mediation or arbitration before a lawsuit is filed. Both of these processes are encompassed in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and both involved resolving a legal issue outside of court.

In mediation and arbitration, a neutral third party is introduced to the case to hear both sides of the argument, ask questions and reach an agreement regarding the outcome of a case. In mediation, the parties are urged to come to a final compromise with the guidance of a certified mediator, or at least to discuss possible settlement options. In arbitration, the third party acts as a judge and jury to render a legally binding decision. Your lawyer at Bryan & Haar can advise you on which method is most appropriate for your case.

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